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The White Wall Sin

our dirty lil' secret

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This community is ment only for Pro Ana/Mia's who are not looking to recover.
This community is not ment for those of you who are just looking for a few diet tips or for those of you who like to poke fun at other's who are not like you.
The content of these entries may be triggering to ANYONE who is in recovery for an eatting disorder, or trying to get better.
You have been given a warning, and I will not, nor will any memembers of this community be responsible for Your actions beyond this point.

+First and most important
All memembers must respect anyone who joins this community.

We are here for support, not to be bashed and abused.

++If you have a problem with a memember, or problem with the community bring the problem to me, and it will be handled. Or you may leave the community.

+++No negative comments. If you can't reply with something nice, than don't reply at all

No Bashing, Harrasing, Name Calling, or Offensive Post will be tolerated!!! This is warning one. If it happens at all you WILL be ban from the community, no matter what.